Bart W. Lombardo Attorney At Law realizes that in this day and age, nearly everyone will have a traffic violation of some sort during their lifetime. While it is expeditious to simply pay the fine and move on, there are several pitfalls that motorists in New Jersey need to keep in mind. By far, the most detrimental to your ability to maintain your driver’s license is the Point System used in our State. In New Jersey, traffic violations have penalties ranging from fines, to points on your license and even jail time. If you accumulate enough points in any given time period, your fines can increase, you can be exposed to longer jail sentences and your driver’s license could be suspended.

If you or a family member receive a traffic ticket, it is wise to contact a New Jersey attorney who has experience in those matters immediately. Drivers often have the option of a plea bargain or fighting the charge by going to trial. This office’s experience will serve you well in either scenario. We will strive to consolidate any violations that you have and negotiate with the municipal prosecutor to merge them into a no point violation.

There are several violations that can lead to severe consequences, including: Speeding, Tailgating, Reckless Driving, DWI or DUI, Failure to Take a Breathalyzer, Careless Driving, Cell Phone Use or Texting, Driving Without Insurance, Passing a Stopped School Bus and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

Many infractions require a court appearance. If you are facing one of these situations and do not appear in court as directed, the judge might issue a warrant for your arrest. It is important to handle these violations quickly by calling an experienced attorney.

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