If you have found your marriage ending in divorce, it is likely that you have not prepared for this day and may feel lost and confused. Learn everything you need to know about divorce law in New Jersey including divorce types, how to prepare for the proceedings, yours and your spouse’s rights, alimony and child support law, and more in our divorce law blog! For a compassionate, experienced divorce lawyer to represent you, contact Bart W. Lombardo Attorney at Law for your divorce consultation today.

  1. Post-Divorce Legal Issues

    At long last, your divorce is final and you can begin to move on with your life, process the grief and rebuild your life as an individual, right? Unfortunately, many couples who go through a divorce do not anticipate the long-lasting effects that may require legal intervention. Even in the most amic…Read More

  2. Understanding New Jersey Prenuptial Agreements

    Prenuptial agreements — also called premarital agreements or prenups — are contracts made between prospective spouses that become effective upon marriage. Prenuptial agreements have gotten a reputation for being a document drafted out of a lack of trust between partners as a safety net in case t…Read More

  3. What Is The Difference Between Annulment and Divorce?

    When a couple decides to end a marriage, there are two ways to do so — either by a traditional divorce or through an annulment. Both divorce and annulment dissolve a marriage but are different in how the marriage is recognized. Many people do not understand the difference between the two, so here …Read More